Israel Aerospace Industries has joined the contest to supply four in-flight refuelling tankers to the South Korean air force.

The company will compete with Airbus and Boeing for the $1.4 billion contract, offering an advanced version of its Boeing 767-300ER-derived multimission tanker transport, using second-hand aircraft.

IAI is offering the 767 in a flexible configuration comprising hose and drogue refuelling pods, a boom, or both. It has already delivered one converted 767 tanker to Colombia, and three more are on order for Brazil.

The Republic of Korea air force has sought to deploy a tanker capability since 1993, but the plan has been repeatedly shelved due to budget constraints and shifting priorities.

A selection is expected by the end of this year, with the Airbus A330 MRTT and Boeing KC-46 also in contention.

Source: Flight International