Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) says it its on track to deliver its first Boeing 767-300ER passenger-to-freighter conversion from its Bedek division by year-end end to Portugal-based charter operator euroAtlantic Airways.

The first converted 767-300BDSF (Bedek special freighter) configuration, which includes a port-side front cargo door, completed first flight on 27 October, and is now in flight testing as part of the supplemental type certificate (STC) programme, says IAI.

Bedek officials say they have "three or four" orders for the 767-300ER conversion, which will incorporate the company's first 9g rigid barrier separating the cockpit from the cargo bay.

 B767 300BDSF
 IAI/Bedek 767-300BDSF on a 4 November test flight

While the initial aircraft has taken close to one year to complete, Bedek says future conversions are expected to take 100 days.

Bedek developed the STC for Dublin-based M&B Conversions, a joint venture between Japan's Mitsui cargo company and IAI. The aircraft will be euroAtlantic's first cargo aircraft.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news