A crucial test of the Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Arrow anti-tactical-ballistic missile is to take place in August. If the interception is successful, the Arrow system will have achieved initial operational capability.

The test will duplicate a firing made on 14 September (Flight International, 23-29 September, 1998), but using a real target rather than a computer simulation.

All Arrow components will be used, including the Elta Green Pine detection and fire-control radar and Tadiran Systems' Citron Tree fire-management system.

The USA has funded much of the programme, which is budgeted to cost $1.9 billion by the time it is fielded. The Israeli air force plans to deploy three Arrow batteries.

Programme sources say the Arrow is a man-in-the-loop system developed after unsuccessful attempts to intercept Iraqi Al-Hussein ballistic missiles launched against Israel in the 1991 Gulf War. The Arrow launcher and missiles are to be displayed for the first time at the Paris air show in June.

Source: Flight International