Israel aircraft Industries (IAI) is increasing its participation in the Fairchild 428JET programme, which will see it taking on the design and manufacture of additional components.

IAI has an agreement to design and manufacture the fuselage, as well as undertake final assembly of the 44-seat, Pratt & Whitney Canada PW300-powered jet. The company is discussing a widening of the agreement to include the design and manufacture of other systems and the exclusive handling of the certification process.

Motti Boness, general manager of IAI's civil aircraft division, says negotiations with Fairchild focus on IAI taking responsibility for components such as "the electrical and air conditioning systems".

IAI had been responsible for certification support, but will assume full responsibility for the programme. "Green" aircraft will be ferried to Germany where interiors will be installed.

Atlantic Coast Airlines holds orders for 50 428JETs.

Source: Flight International