Israel Aerospace Industries is promoting the fifth-generation version of its EHUD autonomous air combat manoeuvring instrumentation training system, as it looks to build on the delivery of 1,000 units in earlier versions to 17customers worldwide.

Amit Haimovich, director of marketing and business development at IAI'sMLM division, says the new version of EHUD enables a smooth transition into live, virtual and constructive training. "It has the necessary infrastructure to employ embedded constructive entities and simulate sensors, like electronic warfare threats, as well as to connect with flight or mission simulators and run joint scenarios," he notes.

By using EHUD, allied air forces can train together, fire simulated weapons and perform joint debriefings. The system has recently been used at the multinationalJAWTEX exercise in Germany, a Blue Flag event in Israel and a NATO tactical leadership programme activity in Spain.

IAI says the technology enables eastern European air forces flying older Mikoyan MiG-21 and MiG-29 fighters and Sukhoi Su-22s – such as Poland and Romania – to participate in coalition air combat training.The pod-housed equipment can also be used by nations flying mixed fleets of fighters, such as the Indian air force, and by former Soviet republics in the Commonwealth of Independent States, where Israel maintains extensive military and economic links.


Israel Aerospace Industries

The EHUD system can be contained within a Raytheon AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missile shape, and in 2013 was also offered with the VympelR-73 air-to-air missile enclosure. Otherderivatives are available with internal and external configurations for carriage by other fighters and helicopters.

As IAI promotes the new version, existing EHUD users are also being offered a number of upgrade options, Haimovich adds.