The Malat division of Israel Aerospace Industries will display a modified Heron unmanned air system at the Singapore air show in February. The modifications are mainly on the airframe, to enable the use of a heavy fuel engine.

According to one source, the modified fuselage will have "rounded curves" to allow for the installation of the powerplant. Malat late last year conducted a series of test flights with the new engine, which is in demand from current users as heavy fuel is less combustible and increases commonality with ground vehicles.

IAI's modified Heron will also be displayed at the Singapore show with two computers. One of these controls the vehicle's flight, while the other controls the mission package. This separation is based on accumulated experience, which shows that UAS payload operators prefer to use a dedicated computer.

The Republic of Singapore air force in 2012 placed the medium-altitude, long-endurance Heron 1 into its inventory (below), with the type delivered to its 119 Sqn.

Heron 1 Singapore

Singapore defence ministry

Source: Flight International