Israel Aircraft Industries' (IAI) Lahav division has unveiled a new Distribution Mission Training system which will facilitate joint training activities between fighter pilots in the air and on the ground.

The system will initially use up to four networked cockpit simulators for the Lockheed Martin F-16, each with a high-resolution visual dome and a control/instructor station for mission planning and debriefing.

"By using the new system we can [conduct] a real training scenario with two physical aircraft in the sky, and an additional four simulated aircraft," says IAI project manager Yoram Peled. "The two 'real' pilots see the simulated aircraft in their displays and have to consider them. In this way, routine training with two aircraft becomes full training with six."

Peled claims the system is unique because the connections between the pilots are provided using communication protocols. This will allow an unlimited number of pilots to train simultaneously on the ground, he adds, with a high-level architecture to enable them to share the same situational data.

IAI 5 Dec 06
 The mission training device uses a unique communication system

Source: Flight International