Only 18 months ago International Aviation Supply (IAS) was specialising in spare parts and aerospace composites. Now the Italian company is making its Paris debut with a series of its own unmanned air vehicle (UAV) kits.

Following the dramatic growth of the UAV industry, IAS has tapped into the market with five models: Silver Fox, Sky Arrow U, Corvo, Corvino and Gabbiano.

IAS, run by a staff of 20, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The company is one of the Italian leaders in the UAV market, involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of the aircraft, which come in assembly kits.

"UAVs are the future of aviation," says spokesman Gary Picariello. "They can serve a multitude of purposes, including military applications, civil surveillance, reporting from danger zones and following natural disasters. We produce five solutions for an infinite number of problems."

The Brindisi-based company relies on its product variety and flexibility as a means of differentiation from competing UAV manufacturers.

IAS has already sold about 75 aircraft, and has formed partnerships with major companies including Advanced Ceramics Research, Advanced Composite Manufacturing and Micropilot.

Source: Flight Daily News