Goodrich (Hall 4, F8) has come up with a high-tech solution to the problem of detecting ice on aircraft before take-off.

The IceHawk takes an infrared image of the aircraft which clearly highlights any areas of ice or slush that may be present.

The system is quick and easy to use. The user directs the infrared camera onto the aircraft part being reviewed. The image downloads in seconds.

In the past, an individual would have had to do a visual assessment of the aircraft or have to touch the wing to see if there was any ice.



However, this process becomes difficult in bad weather conditions. By contrast, the IceHawk produces a clear image even in foggy weather or at night.

"The IceHawk is a highly original product and lets you know quickly and effectively if there is ice present without having to rely on an individual's judgement," says William Walthall, vice-president Customer Relations, adding that it "works effectively" in all weathers.

The IceHawk is a development from Goodrich's previous handheld de-icing product.


"The handheld product was heavy and was not easily manoeuvrable," says Walthall.

"The IceHawk is easily mounted onto the platform used to view the aircraft, meaning only one person is required to do the inspection as opposed to several. It is a quicker, easier and more effective way doing the job."

Though the IceHawk is expected to attract a lot of notice from visitors to Farnborough International, Goodrich also hopes that the product will eventually be used to monitor road conditions as well.

Source: Flight Daily News