German interior systems supplier Diehl has yet to determine the future ownership of its Diehl Aircabin operation following partner Thales' decision to split from the joint venture.

Diehl Aircabin specialifses in the development of cabin modules, crew rest compartments and air ducting, and is part of the broader Aerosystems division of the company.

Thales holds a 49% share of the joint venture but stated after its annual general meeting in May that it was refining its strategy and "pursuing the optimisation of its business portfolio" - an exercise which would involve it selling its share of Aircabin.

Diehl Aerosystems chief Rainer von Borstel declines to disclose the status of negotiations for an alternative partner.

"They are the ones who are selling, not we," he points out. But he adds that "everything is possible", including a possible acquisition of the Thales stake by Diehl itself.

"The question is whether it's a fit," he says. "We've not found a final answer to this question."

Diehl Aircabin is based in Laupheim and was previously a part of Airbus before being divested to Diehl and Thales in 2008.

Aircabin's business includes substantial work for the A350. Despite delays to the A350 programme, von Borstel says he is "definitely satisfied" with Diehl's own progress on interior systems packages for the type.

Source: Flight Daily News