Paul Duffy/MOSCOW


The Ilyushin design bureau is completing detailed design of its proposed new regional turboprop, the Il-100, which is to be built by MAPO.

The twin-engined 12-seater was announced this month at a convention of polar airlines in Archangelsk in north-west Russia (Flight International, 8-14 February).

During the gathering, operators of the 11-seat Antonov An-2 biplane, which the Il-100 is designed to replace, were asked for input on the project and whether the aircraft appealed to them. Although there is much interest in the project, a go-ahead will be only given if this is converted into firm commitments.

Ilyushin aims to fly the firstIl-100 two years after go-ahead, production will be undertaken at MAPO's factory in Lukhovitsi.

Ilyushin describes the proposed aircraft as "simple technology and easy to maintain". This will allow it to be maintained outside, as there are few hangars available in Russia's north, and the flightcrew will be able to undertake most line maintenance work.

The aircraft will be designed for high use, to enable it to operate eight flight hours a day, or 2,500h a year, with an airframe life of 60,000 cycles. The Il-100's range will be about 1,000km (540nm) and it will be able to carry a payload of up to 1,500kg (3,300lb).

The unpressurised aircraft will cruise at speeds of around 200kt (370km/h), at altitudes of up to 13,100ft (4,000m). A larger 18-20 seat stretched -100A model is also planned, along with ski, float, rear loading ramp and military patrol versions.

The Il-100 has been designed to operate from small airfields. It requires less than 400m for its take-off run and 260m to land.

Source: Flight International