Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has recommended that the state civil aviation service GSGA issue an immediate order grounding Ilyushin Il-86 widebodies.

The MAK is investigating the 28 July 2002 crash of a Pulkovo Airlines Il-86 and is yet to issue a final report. GSGA head Aleksandr Neradko describes the MAK's request to ground the Il-86 as "unexpected" and says he sees no reason to agree.

The GSGA called a meeting of Il-86 operators for 14 February. "We have refused to follow the recommendation, but such a situation cannot last long," a GSGA inspector says.

The crashed aircraft's flight data recorder showed that, shortly after take-off, a command signal to the horizontal stabiliser actuators moved it to its maximum +12° position, resulting in a pitch-up moment that could not be counteracted with the elevators. The aircraft stalled at a height of 2,000ft (600m).

Pulkovo crash investigators had said a shortage of evidence made it difficult to draw conclusions on the crash. A total of 103 Il-86s were built but only 41 are in active service.

Source: Flight International