PRICES HAVE been revealed for the Ilyushin Il-114 64-seat twin turboprop and the Il-76MF stretched four-jet cargo aircraft.

Speaking at the Moscow air show in August, Genrikhh Novozhilov, head of the Ilyushin design bureaux, and Vasili Zhuravlev, general director of the Tashkent aircraft factory, revealed that the Il-114 would cost $7 million for CIS airlines and $10 million for foreign carriers. Zhuravlev adds that two Il-114s have begun pre-certification service with Uzbekistan Airways.

The cost of the Il-76MF is being set at $30-35 million in equivalent rouble prices. At the air show, Russian defence minister Pavel Gratchen announced that two of the stretched cargo aircraft would be produced for the air force within the 1996 budget and that others would follow later.

Source: Flight International