Israel Military Industries (IMI) and Boeing have terminated negotiations on the possible joint development of the Light Defender stand-off weapon. IMI has opened talks with another US company.

The Israeli company is discussing development funding with its unnamed potential partner, which could lead to an operational weapon system based on the IMI Delilah decoy.

Also known as the Star-1, the Light Defender is understood to be a warhead-equipped development of the decoy.

The weapon has a range of 400km (215nm).

The Delilah is 2.7m (106in) long, has a 1.15m wing span and is jet powered. As a decoy, it is equipped with a Luneberg lens or radio-frequency repeaters to increase its radar cross section and apparent size on radars.

The decoy ,which can manoeuvre and loiter, has a speed of Mach 0.8 and a range of up to 400km. The stand-off weapon weighs 180kg (400lb), is carried on standard hardpoints and can be launched at altitudes of 500-30,000ft (150-9,000m).

Source: Flight International