Israel Military Industries (IMI) is reviving its modular standoff vehicle (MSOV) weapon programme with a change of warhead.

IMI halted development of its MSOV product in 2004 after a successful test release using an Israeli air force Boeing F-15. The glide weapon used GPS navigation to reach a pre-planned target at maximum range before dispersing its load of inert submunitions during the trial.

Yuval Sharony, IMI's corporate vice-president and the general manager of its advanced systems division, says the company has now revived work using a unitary warhead, rather than a submunitions load.

Weighing 1,050kg (2,310lb), including a payload of up to 700kg, the MSOV is 3.97m (13ft) long and has a deployed wing span of 2.7m. The weapon is designed for release from an altitude of up to 35,000ft, and has a maximum range greater than 120km (65nm).

IMI says a Lockheed Martin F-16 can carry two MSOVs without neutralising its other hardpoints.

Source: Flight International