Israel Military Industries (IMI) has increased the production rate of its I-TALD stand-off tactical air-launched turbojet-powered decoy to meet increasing demand from existing and new customers.

The US Navy has signed a contract for the purchase of additional I-TALDs worth around $9 million. The Israeli company has already supplied I-TALD decoys to the USN worth more than $100 million. In 1996, IMI was declared the sole developer and manufacturer of these systems for the US Navy and the international market.

I-TALD is an advanced version of IMI's earlier-generation TALD decoy. It is launched from fighter aircraft to suppress and divert enemy anti-aircraft batteries during strike missions.

I-TALD has a 35min pre-programmed flightpath flown using a GPS navigation system. It is designed to appear on enemy radar screens as a fighter aircraft, thus attracting anti-aircraft missiles and diverting enemy activity away from fighters.

According to Avi Felder, president of IMI, I-TALD is equipped with an improved electro optical payload that is effective in creating false targets. The I-TALD has a stand-off range of 295km (160nm) and can fly at speeds of up to Mach 0.8, at altitudes of 500-30,000ft (150-9,100m).

The launch weight of the I-TALD is 173kg (380lb) and its overall length is 2.33m (92in).

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Source: Flight International