Israel Military Industries has launched the development of an air-launched manoeuvring target based on the design of its I-TALD decoy.

IMI chairman Avner Raz says the company will develop a line of advanced targets capable of simulating threat aircraft and missiles. These will also be equipped with payloads to simulate countermeasure systems, he adds.

"We are evaluating a business plan to establish a subsidiary that will offer target services to clients all over the world," says Raz, who confirms that the new targets are already offered to potential clients in Europe.

IMI has been the sole supplier of the I-TALD for the US Navy and the international market since 1996. Powered by a Teledyne CAE-312 turbofan engine, the decoy acts to suppress and divert enemy anti-aircraft batteries by appearing on their radar screens as a fighter.

The highly manoeuvrable design has a pre-programmed flight endurance of 35min, can fly at up to Mach 0.8 and at an altitude of up to 30,000ft (9,150m). With a launch weight of 172kg (380lb), the I-TALD has a maximum stand-off range of 296km (160nm).

IMI says the new A-TALD version (below), which will have an endurance of up to 40min and a 160km range, has already secured an order from the USN.

 A-TALD target - IMI
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Source: Flight International