India will launch its first dedicated ocean-monitoring satellite, Oceansat 1, aboard a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle in April. The spacecraft will carry an ocean colour-monitor and multi-frequency-scanning microwave radiometer.

A "fully fledged" ocean satellite, Oceansat 2, will be launched in 2002, says India's Department of Ocean Development.

The development flights of India's Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle, possibly starting in 2000, will carry indigenous GSAT spacecraft for demonstrating digital audio and video broadcasting and Internet and wide-band multimedia services.

The Indian Government has cleared an $800 million investment for the launch, operation and maintenance of a national television satellite. Ispat will be 51% owned by Indian shareholders, with international investors providing the remainder.

A $240 million investment in a Hindustan Technologies-built multi-purpose satellite, Hindsat, to provide rural telecom and remote sensing services, has also been announced. Hindsat will be funded with 24% foreign equity.

Source: Flight International