The first engine ground run of the naval version of India's Aeronautical Development Agency Tejas light combat aircraft was successfully carried out in Bengaluru on 26 September.

The aircraft is due to make its flight debut shortly, after any required refinements have been made as a result of the test.

India's navy has already cleared a proposal to acquire an initial six naval Tejas, with a shore-based testing facility set up at its Hansa naval air station on Goa to be used during certification trials.

The first naval Tejas aircraft was rolled out in Bengaluru in July 2010 (below). It features a lengthened and stronger landing gear, arrester hook and an additional control surface to reduce the fighter's speed on approach to an aircraft carrier.



A baseline version of the Tejas secured initial operational clearance with the Indian air force last January, and is now undergoing weapons trials before later being inducted into service.

Source: Flight International