India's Taneja Aerospace and Aviation (TAAL) has become the sole distributor for P68C spares following the collapse of the light twin's former manufacturer and designer, Partenavia, earlier in the year.

The company is looking at setting up a worldwide parts distribution network from its Hosur, Ban- galore base, and is negotiating with companies in Australia, Denmark, France and Kenya to offer the service to resident operators. "We have been talking to companies such as CMC Aviation in Kenya and Gremdal Services in Australia. We hope to make an announcement soon," says TAAL's vice-president of marketing, Vinod Singel.

The roll-out of the first indigenously produced P68 is scheduled to coincide with Indian Civil Aviation Authority certification on the 17 January, 1998, nearly one year later than planned. The Indian company originally assembled P68s produced by Partenavia and is now beginning to licence-build the aircraft. TAAL has orders for four more aircraft, all scheduled for roll-out by the end of March.

Singel has put its proposed P68C fractional-ownership venture on hold "-because there are no aircraft to put into service".

Source: Flight International