Two Sukhoi Su-30MK multirole fighters have arrived in Indonesia as part of a $193 million arms deal signed by Russia and Jakarta earlier this year (Flight International, 6-12 May). Two Sukhoi Su-27SK fighters and two Mil Mi-35 Hind attack helicopters are due for handover this year.

Sukhoi says it has completed the training of 12 Indonesian air force pilots at Zhukovsky near Moscow. The Su-30s were delivered to the Isvahyudi base near Madiunin eastern Java.

The countries have discussed further deals, but the prospect of contracts being signed is uncertain due to opposition to the Su-27/30/Mi-35 deal in Indonesia's parliament. Sukhoi external economic relations director Aleksandr Klementiev says Indonesia's defence ministry has asked for terms on additional aircraft. Sukhoi is considering establishing a maintenance centre in Indonesia.

Sukhoi is hopeful of a deal in Brazil, despite the F-X competition being halted earlier this year. Klementiev says: "We hope the tender will be resumed [shortly]."

Source: Flight International