GKN WESTLAND Helicopters is offering the Super Lynx helicopter to the Indonesian Navy as a possible replacement for its Westland Wasps.

According to Westland international sales manager Des Hassan, the Indonesian Government has not yet issued an official requirement for replacements, but says that "-we expect a formal request for proposals in the near future". Only three of the navy's fleet of eight Wasps are believed to be operational.

The Wasps are being operated in multi-role tasks from the Indonesian navy's six VS Frigates, which have been delivered from the Netherlands. Hassan says that the requirement, when it comes, is likely to be for at least six aircraft.

Eleven Super Lynx helicopters are already in service with the South Korean navy, and another order for a similar number is expected.

The Lynx is also shortlisted to replace the Royal New Zealand Navy's Wasps, and the helicopter is being offered to the Royal Australian Navy.

Source: Flight International