Indonesian carrier Linus Airways has stopped operating and is seeking new investors to restart.

The carrier officially stopped operating on 27 April, the day it submitted its cessation notice to the Indonesian Directorate-General of Civil Aviation, the airline's president director, Julius Indra, says from Jakarta.

When asked why Linus is temporarily grounding its two BAe 146s, he says it is for financial reasons.

The carrier is now seeking new investors to inject cash into the business, confirms Indra, who was unable to say when services will resume.

"We are talking to some investors who have an interest in coming into the aviation industry," he says.

Prior to its voluntary closure, the passenger airline was operating to eight domestic destinations on a scheduled basis, says Indra.

At this stage, the carrier plans to retain its two aircraft, he adds.

According to Flight's ACAS database Linus' BAe 146s are both -200 models and the owner is Trident Jet (Dublin).

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news