Spain's Indra Sistemas is stepping up its flight simulation business with the US Navy, beginning design work on an upgrade to the service's Sikorsky SH-60B, SH-60F and MH-60S Seahawk helicopter trainers. The H-60 upgrade is one of a series of USN simulation contracts won by Indra's US subsidiary.

Orlando, Florida-based Indra Systems has won a $30 million contract to upgrade six trainers, two each for the B, F and S model of the Seahawk. The company will replace the image generator and projectors, add an acoustic stimulator, network the trainers and upgrade the torpedo and AGM-114 Hellfire air-to-surface missile simulations.

Under the three-year programme, Indra will replace the simulators' Evans & Sutherland Harmony visual system with Aechelon Technology's pC-Nova image generator, which is fast becoming the USN's standard visual. Indra has already installed pC-Nova on US Marine Corps Boeing AV-8B Harrier II simulators and is upgrading the navy's Sikorsky MH-53E trainer with the same visual.

Aechelon's pC-Nova has also been selected to upgrade six USN Boeing T-45 Goshawk flight simulators by Symvionics.

Source: Flight International