Fashion trends take over even at Le Bourget as Infotron (Hall 4, G15) makes its debut with its fruity assortment of the drone IT 180-5.

Lemon yellow, cherry red, coffee bean, electric blue and shiny silver are the colour variations, which 'tastefully' set this drone apart it from its competitors.


The Paris-based company, which specialises in wireless communications applications, introduced the drone project in 2002.

The IT 180-5, a helicopter-type drone with counter-rotating rotors, is designed to collect and store data through an integrated video camera and a GPS positioning system.

"From more than 40 countries, approximately 300 drone projects are currently in progess. Without a doubt, the IT 180-5 is among the most efficient, innovative, and stylish," says Infotron's Stephane Galfr. "The drone works like a mobile internet address, able to document everything it detects."

Source: Flight Daily News