Eight passengers have been injured after a Cathay Pacific Airbus A330's left-hand engine shut down on approach to Hong Kong International Airport today.

Cathay Pacific states that the right-hand engine "was functioning" at the time. The aircraft had been operating flight CX780 from Surabaya in Indonesia, with 309 passengers and 13 crew, and landed at 13:43.

During the touchdown all four tyres on the left-hand main gear, and two on the right, deflated as the aircraft rolled out.

Cathay Pacific says it is co-operating with a Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department inquiry into the incident.

There has been no clarification of the nature of the engine problem nor the circumstances which led to its shutdown.

Cathay Pacific's A330s are -300 variants fitted with Rolls-Royce Trent 700 powerplants. The twin-jet involved had been in the fleet since 1998.

"It had been through all the checks and servicing procedures recommended by its manufacturer," says the carrier.

Passengers were evacuated through the aircraft's slides. Eight passengers were injured and transported to hospital.


Lead photo: Air Team Images

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news