Israeli manufacturer Innocon has sold an unspecified unmanned air vehicle system to an unnamed Asia Pacific country for a contract that the company says is worth millions of dollars.

Innocon's chief executive Michael Armon declines to give full details about the sale, beyond confirming: "The deal is for a few millions [of dollars]. It is a ground control station and a few vehicles." Armon says the UAV sold is similar to the Mini Falcon I, which has a maximum take-off weight of 90kg (198lb) with a 15kg payload and an endurance of over 12h.

The company has a larger Mini Falcon II product and Armon says he is seeking partners for the design. Innocon already works with Elbit Systems, which offers the Hermes 90 that is based on the Mini Falcon I. Elbit also works with General Dynamics through the UAS Dynamics joint venture to offer a version of the Hermes 90 called the Storm.

Despite its recent sales successes, Armon says Innocon is not planning to independently offer systems to the US market. Instead, he sees a continuation of the company's approach of being a subcontractor, providing UAV platforms and support.

Armon meanwhile declines to provide further information about a 2009 deal to supply an African state with the company's 900kg Falcon Eye UAV.

Source: Flight International