The aptly named Innovative Solutions & Support entered an agreement with Cessna earlier this year to provide Flat Panel Displays on legacy Citations. 

“The programme is very much a work in progress.  What we want to make people aware of is that when you come to us we work on your conditions,” says Doug Willey, flat panel programmes, “Typically a manufacturer goes to an avionics company and is told ‘this is what we have’.  We work the other way round and ask them ‘what do you need’.

“Flexibility and adaptability are the key, this is what we do.”

Although the two companies are still discussing exact design requirements the upgrade will consist of either a Primary Flight Display (PFD) and a Multi-Function Display (MFD) or of a three screen system with twin PFDs and a single MFD.  Currently the displays will be circa 6” x 8” and each comes with ten buttons and four control knobs.

“Cessna will be selling these upgrade kits through its service centres and authorised distributors.  This project highlights what we can do, we are keen to promote our flexibility and adaptability,” adds Willey.

Source: Flight Daily News