Japanese investigators are trying to understand why the crew of an All Nippon Airways Airbus A320 executed a go-around after touching down at Sendai, causing a tail-strike which damaged the jet.

The aircraft (JA8384), operating flight NH731, touched down on Runway 27 in daylight and good weather conditions.

Flight-data recorder information confirmed weight-on-wheels for both main landing-gear. "The left and right main wheels were on the ground, the nose-wheel was not," said the Japan Transport Safety Board.

Although the spoilers had started to deploy and automatic braking had been activated, the throttle was advanced to take-off/go-around power and the nose pitched up to 12.7°.

Around 1,140m (3,740ft) from the threshold the aircraft's tail scratched the runway as the A320 attempted to lift off again. The tail-strike resulted in a 3m scratch, 40cm wide, along the rear fuselage and damage to the pressure bulkhead, said the inquiry board.

None of the 166 passengers and crew members was injured in the 5 February incident. The investigation team is still gathering information on the event.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news