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With 1.6 billion additional passengers taking to the skies over the next ten years, airlines around the world will be faced with an increasing demand for new airline pilots. This growth will challenge current pilot recruitment channels and development programs worldwide.

As the leading training organization, CAE works with over 300 airlines and trains more than 120,000 pilots annually at every phase of their career. CAE leverages years of pilot sourcing and training experience to share a comprehensive analysis on global airline pilot needs. The CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook provides the airline industry with key insights on the future need for professional pilots in commercial aviation. The report includes an overview of the current airline pilot landscape, the drivers of airline pilot demand, a 10-year forecast by region, as well as a view on tomorrow’s pilot training needs.

More specifically, the outlook highlights that 255,000 new airline pilots will be needed around the world over the next 10 years. That’s 70 new pilots per day! Furthermore, 180,000 first officers will need to develop into new airline captains, more than in any previous decade.

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What does this mean for the future of pilot training?

These numbers mean that over 50% of the pilots who will fly the world’s commercial aircraft in 10 years have not yet started to train. As such, new and innovative pilot career pathways and training systems will be required to meet the industry’s crewing needs and ever-evolving safety standards.

How will airline address the projected increase in passenger air traffic while continue increasing the industry’s level of safety?

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