Sir - Gordon Bretag (Flight International, Letters, 10-16 May, P89) has a lack of understanding and sympathy, typical of today's airline industry, towards determined job seekers.

As a chief pilot and possible role model for aspiring pilots such as myself, Mr Bretag should be a source of inspiration, not pessimism. Phrases such as "...spare a thought for chief pilots inundated with job not hassle the chief pilot with telephone not get too cocky about future pilot shortages" are uncalled for and plain arrogant.

Perhaps Mr Bretag should spare a thought, for those who have invested in flight training, mortgaged their homes and suffered much heartache, to achieve a lifetime ambition.

It is especially frustrating to think that the chief pilot in question probably obtained his training during a huge pilot shortage, in the days when airline sponsorship was available, and the Royal Air Force took on more than just a handful of pilots.


Department of Air Transport

Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK

Source: Flight International