Organisers of next year’s ILA International Aerospace Exhibition (W606) have reported the highest ever level of interest in the show. More pavilions will be sited on the plaza and the open air site has been expanded for the biannual show at Berlin-Schonefeld airport which will take place from 16-21 May 2006.
The first three days of the show are trade only, followed by three days when it is open to the public. At last year’s show 987 exhibitors from 43 countries attracted more than 200,000 people, including 105,000 trade visitors.
For 2006 the ILA site will be extended westward in anticipation of increased visitor numbers to see the Airbus A380 which is expected at the show.

International space enterprises are brought together in the new ILA Space World.
Unmanned reconnaissance and combat systems (UAV/UCAV) will be well represented at ILA2006.
The fair boasts an increased Russian contribution and early certification from the US Department of Defense for ILA2006 means that some of the country’s most sought-after aircraft are likely to be at the show.
More than 60 international conferences and workshops in conjunction with the show will focus on topics such as maintenance and enhanced combat capability, UAVs, the future of space flight and new technologies for aero engines and materials. 

Source: Flight Daily News