French engineering group Assystem enhances off-the-shelf flight simulation software to train avionics developers and test equipment within its cockpit environment.

The Toulouse-based company is showing the single-screen simulator at its stand where visitors can go up for a virtual spin in an Airbus A380. But Jonathan Ronsin, system test engineer and A320 pilot, says that the firm is developing a new multi-screen procedure trainer with centre pedestal and overhead panel, which will be shown at the Paris air show in June.

The programming is based on a professional version of the widely used X-Plane flight simulation software. But Ronsin says it has been enhanced to represent the cockpit systems in greater detail.

This is employed to train engineers how individual pieces of equipment, such as traffic collision avoidance (TCAS) and ground proximity warning systems (GPWS), interact with other systems.

The simulator is also used to recreate real-life incidents based on flight data recordings and assess system behaviour in specific circumstances.

The main customers are Airbus and its systems suppliers, such as Thales and Alten. But the company wants to attract a wider range of clients.

Due to its proximity to the European airframer, Ronsin says that Assystem's simulators will always revolve around its aircraft. But he adds that this could be extended to the ATR turboprop family in future.

Source: Flight Daily News