Australian design company Buzz Products is hoping to bring a bit of colour to the show and encourage airlines to imprint their brands on impressionable young minds with its range of in-flight children's products.

"Our focus is on the family experience. We're taking our experience in the toy market and creating innovative kids products," says Buzz director Leonard Hamersfeld.

The company's brand consultants work with airlines to create children's brands that are carrier-specific. For example, Air New Zealand has commissioned Buzz to provide a "Jet Cadets" kids pack - a mini-rucksack containing activity books and soft toys that is handed out free of charge to every child on board.

Buzz LeonardHamersfeld

Buzz has also created a new-generation "instant check-in" tag for Qantas Airways, which uses RFID technology to embed personalised information about a passenger so that when the tag is swiped baggage can be automatically sent to the passenger's destination. "This is the most progressive check-in system in the world," says Hamersfeld.

Coverage from AIX2011

Source: Flight Daily News