Cabin moisture optimisation systems are in the spotlight at the show with the announcement by CTT Systems of a new order, while Liebherr-Aerospace has taken the wraps off its latest drying product.

CTT has won an order from Indianapolis-based completion centre Comlux America for a Cair system to be installed on an additional VIP A319 aircraft later this year. The Cair system is designed to humidify the extremely dry air in the aircraft cabin without causing condensation, providing a relative humidity of around 20%, compared with 3-5% without the system installed.

"We have already installed the Cair system in a recently completed A320 VIP Cabin and we are thoroughly convinced of the added value of the Cair system for Comlux's VIP clientele," says David Edinger, CEO of Comlux America.


Meanwhile, Liebherr-Aerospace is displaying a patented drying system designed to remove moisture from the fuselage crown of airliners by injecting dry air directly into the affected zone to control its dew point. The air is generated by the aircraft's air conditioning packs, electrically heated and then distributed via piccolo distribution ducts.

"The new system can be used alone on commercial aircraft where passengers represent a significant source of humidity production or combined with humidifier systems that Liebherr provides to improve the passengers' comfort in VIP applications," says the Toulouse-based company.

Source: Flight Daily News