Hamburg-based Dasell Cabin Interiors is showcasing a new aircraft lavatory which can be extended or retracted as required.

The lavatory, which is a finalist in this year's Crystal Cabin Awards, can be used as a standard sized 37in toilet. However, by pulling on two handles on the outside wall of the lavatory, the cubicle can be extended to 52in for use as a changing room or a toilet for disabled people.

"This is the first lavatory to do this," says Dasell head of sales and programme management Andreas Buchholz. The lavatory is two years from being ready for entry into service, but Dasell is showcasing it at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in order to "get customer feedback" and to "show the market what it can do", says Buchholz.

Dasell stretchy toilet
 © Billypix

Dasell is in the process of being acquired by Diehl Aerosystems.

Source: Flight Daily News