Hoping to capitalise on the demand for lightweight products in aviation, Dynamo Drink Cart believes it can provide massive weight savings to airlines.

Exhibiting on stand 1E28, the manufacturer talks of saving a minimum of 250lbs or 113kgs for each aircraft that uses the system.

David Yuhasz, a partner in Dynamo Drink Cart, says that it is a post-mix, soda fountain system like that used in bars and fast food outlets that offers eight different types of drink and can be installed in any brand of service trolley.

It uses water from the aircraft water supply, which is triple filtered to "beverage quality" according to Yuhasz.

"Everybody's talking about doing everything they can to reduce weight. One company is putting plastic ball bearings in the wheels of trolleys, but this can reduce all that weight in one fell swoop," he says.

The system also has many more benefits according to Yuhasz: "I'll reduce your beverage costs by at least 50% and that's a guarantee," he says. He explains that the syrup concentrate used to make the drinks allows for smaller package size and weight than drinks cans, resulting in fewer deliveries, less ground warehousing and on board storage demands and fewer provisioning points. Not using cans or bottles also reduces on board trash providing more on board space and means drinks are guaranteed to be fizzy.

Source: Flight Daily News