A combination of electronically dimmable window and IFE technologies is being touted as a new way to enhance the revenue-generating value of window seats – by integrating a window with a transparent video display with an interactive moving map.

And, according to Vision Systems, the window – shown in several versions at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg – can be controlled by the passenger through a transparent touchscreen incorporated into the glazing, or by the crew through the flight attendant panel. The dimmable system, with its flexible and thin colour video screen can be adjusted from clear to 99.9% black with instant response time.
Vision Systems is touting the dimmable system – with or without video – for high-end commercial airlines or private jets to control light and heat, and even noise. And, the system will eventually be available for the “cockpit of tomorrow”, as a dimmable sun-visor or side windows.
A key benefit, says the company, is to cut air conditioning consumption, as the dimmable windows default to their darkest possible state when the aircraft is on the ground, maximising heat rejection and keeping the interior cooler.

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Source: Flight Daily News