Emergency floor path lighting is an essential safety feature on aircraft but is rarely attractive. To tackle this, engineers at Lufthansa Technik have come up with a new variant that is only visible when needed.

The GuideU CustomFit product can be integrated to any carpet or flooring design and is approved by the authorities in the USA and Europe, says the German engineering company.
Showing the product at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, head of product development Torben Biehl said: “With the ability to print each individual design directly in our luminous strips, we can now completely integrate emergency floor path marking in the overall design of the airline cabin. Only in the event of a lighting system outage do the markings appear clearly on the floor.”

Lufthansa Technik says GuideU is the world’s flattest and lightest floor path marking system and the first non-electrical system that can be contoured into any shape. It absorbs cabin light and can show the way to emergency exits for up to 22 hours after a brief charging period.

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Source: Flight Daily News