Aircraft interiors specialist Heath Tecna aims to sign up a customer by the end of this year for its Project Amber remote control-operated overhead bins.

The bins, which are designed to be retrofitted on Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft, feature an electronic latching system that enables the crew to open them all simultaneously in preparation for boarding and lock them during taxi, take-off and landing, at the touch of a button.

Green and red flashing lights on the outside of each bin let the crew know when they are closed properly, removing the need to check each bin manually, says Heath Tecna vice-president of business development Gary Chris. The bins alternate in size between 33in (83.8cm) and 47in all the way along the cabin.

HeathTeca AmberCabin 1

"This is the first time we've shown this product. We've been talking to a few customers who gave us the idea for the retrofit," says Chris, adding that the company is looking to sign up a customer "by the end of this year".

Source: Flight Daily News