InterfaceFLOR is in talks with a second airline to launch a beta demonstration of a new modular carpet system for Boeing 737 aircraft cabins.

The identity of the second airline has not been announced but, if firmed up, would follow the Southwest Airlines beta test launched two years ago.

InterfaceFLOR has served the residential and carpeting markets for nearly 40 years. Modular carpeting tiles are commonplace in commercial markets, but have not been seen in aircraft cabins until the Southwest trial that was launched in October 2009.

The Southwest trial has revealed several critical insights to InterfaceFLOR's product team. Carpet in aircraft cabins actually receive more abuse than in any home or office environment. That discovery has prompted InterfaceFLOR to design and install a new carpet material on the Southwest 737. Improvements include increasing the density of the material, but without raising the weight of the carpet.

Currently, Boeing lays out the 737 floor with 33 different carpet sizes, but the InterfaceFLOR design reduces the part numbers to only two.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news