After years of enquiries from pedal power enthusiasts around the world, Lufthansa Technik is now able to offer an exercise bike for safe, easy installation on aircraft.

The sport equipment, based on the popular recumbent architecture featuring a comfortably padded seat with a backrest instead of less executive-style saddle, is ready for certification if it was to be ordered now. Engineers at the maintenance provider took an off-the-shelf product made by Italy-based Technogym and modified it to satisfy aviation regulations.

For example, several of the standard components failed the fire protection rules and needed to be redesigned with materials that are more resistant to combustion. This was the case with the plastic seat structure, which has been replaced by an aluminium construction with honeycomb panels. Despite the fundamental redesign, the airworthy version of the ergometer would still manufactured by Technogym along its ground-based cousins, if ordered.

Lufthansa Bike

The lower oxygen concentration at altitude could be a hurdle though. Lufthansa's medical department in Frankfurt determined that the ergometer can be utilised by healthy fitness enthusiasts without problem, however passengers with health issues should consult a doctor beforehand...

Source: Flight Daily News