Providing frozen meals to airlines for the past 34 years, Dutch caterer Marfo is showing off its culinary expertise at the Catering & Onboard Services Expo.

According to consultant Ed Wijnen, the advantage of frozen food is that it provides a consistency of quality that fresh ingredients cannot match when airlines are sourcing food from around the world.

Suitable for business class passengers, Marfo provides meals using a "plating system which combines several components served on a plate". For economy cabins it supplies "pop-out " casserole-type meals in the exact dimensions of an airline's crockery.

According to Wijnen, another advantage of frozen meals is they allow airlines to serve an "a la carte" menu at the convenience of passengers in business and first class, rather than at set meal times.

Providing 90,000 meals a day to airlines as well as other customers including the Dutch army in Afghanistan, train operators and hospitals, Marfo's capacity in its facility in the Netherlands could rise to 150,000 meals a day.

Wijnen says that Marfo particularly specialises in Eastern cuisine, but supplies a wide variety of international meals, all of which were "created by master chefs" for its production line.

Source: Flight Daily News