Airbus is expanding its A350 seat catalogue to give airlines greater choice in offering premium economy cabin service – an increasingly popular revenue generator.

The airframer’s head of aircraft interiors marketing Zuzana Hrnkova says that over the past three years the number of operators offering premium-economy seating on long-haul routes has doubled, to 21.

On the A350, premium economy means a clearly differentiated package of 19in (48cm) seats at eight abreast, rather than the standard 18in, nine-abreast economy layout.

The twinjet’s catalogue now includes the new Sogerma Celeste seat, and coming soon is Zodiac’s Z500, said Hrnkova at the Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg.

Meanwhile, she says, 2015 will bring other additions to the A350 options list. A third version of the aircraft’s world-first “fourth generation” in-flight entertainment system is on the way, as is an enhanced purser’s station, a new slimline lavatory and a new economy-class seat.

She adds that customers will be able to fit a Gobo projection lighting system that will offer a “soft and smart” way to enhance an airline’s branding and customisation – on top of the millions of detail colours already available from the A350’s standard LED lighting system.

Source: Flight Daily News