Swiss media company Ocleen TV wants to entice airlines to introduce inflight entertainment systems at no cost, via advertising-based programming.

The Brugg-headquartered company offers all necessary hardware, software and content free of charge. Airlines will have a choice between installing a server network on board their aircraft or a cloud-based alternative system with no fixed infrastructure. But either way they should only be responsible for maintaining the system.

The first option dubbed "air.connect" is to set up a wireless local area network in the aircraft by fitting a server and a number of access points to stream content on mobile phones and tablet computers, be it the passengers' personal or airline-owned equipment.

The "air.tabcloud" alternative requires no aircraft installation at all. Content is uploaded to a number of tablet computers which the cabin crew hand out to passengers - and which then act as a server cloud from which other passengers can stream the programming to their own devices.

Klaus Knappe, Ocleen TV's technical director, particularly wants to attract short-haul carriers who have thus far largely avoided the costs of installing and maintaining IFE equipment. No customers have yet been recruited, but Knappe says that the first contract will be finalised "very soon" and the system implemented in July.

The main advantage for advertisers is that they can reach a highly personalised audience, says Ocleen TV, and that they can thus target promotional content much more specifically than in mainstream media.

Source: Flight Daily News