Italian seat manufacturer Optimares is hoping a giant woman modelled out of silicone will help it make a giant impact on the market, as it launches its new range of seats at the show.

The 4.3m-high (13.1ft)-high exhibit, named Allison, took one year to build and is comprised of 20 different parts. She towers over Hall 6 from her vantage point, a much-inflated version of one of Optimares' premium economy seats.

Optimares chief executive Alessandro Braca says the idea behind the giant model is to promote the company's mantra: "For us, the passenger is a big thing," he says. "We are trying to change the paradigm by starting with the passengers' needs."

Optimares giant seat 
 © Billypix

Allison can look forward to plenty of foreign travel once she has been packed up and shipped out of Hamburg. Braca says the company's impressive mascot will be moved "to airports around the world" to help Optimares bring attention to its product. "She's going to have some fun," he adds, with a cheeky wink.

Source: Flight Daily News