After winning the Crystal Cabin Award for its new lightweight Quantum trolley in Hamburg, Norduyn has produced 1,500 trolleys for partner and main customer LSG Sky Chefs.

Taking time to showcase the Quantum trolley here at the show Norduyn director of business development Patrick Phillips says the trolley market is 840,000 strong, with 147,000 added each year.

Touting the attributes of the Quantum trolley Phillips says using Norduyn's proprietary composite technology contributes to a 10 year design life versus eight years for traditional aluminium trolleys, while dry ice consumption is up to four times less.

Weighing just under 22 pounds, Phillips also says the Quantum trolley has 45% fewer parts than its aluminium counterparts by eliminating the use of screws and rivets.

Citing an exercise Norduyn and LSG Sky Chefs conducted with a carrier using 35 widebody aircraft as a baseline, Phillips estimates a total annual savings of $2.2 million, split between $1.7 million in fuel savings and about a half million from reduced dry ice use.

Phillips is not commenting on the Quantum trolley's price, and explains airlines know the value of potential higher price of the trolley will be offset by the return on investment.

Source: Flight Daily News