Virgin Atlantic Airways is launching Panasonic Avionics' Karma touch-screen handset, which enables passengers to send emails, order food and access entertainment without letting the programming on their in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFE) screen skip a beat.

Showcasing the first production Karma headset at the show, Panasonic Avionics executive director of corporate sales and marketing Neil James confirmes that "Virgin Atlantic will be the first customer to take delivery of them" when it accepts delivery of its new Airbus A330-300s with Panasonic's eX2 IFEC system - and AeroMobile in-flight connectivity - starting in February 2011.

Virgin also intends to retrofit its Boeing 747s with eX2 and Karma, says James.

A menu-driven, wired handset, Karma is designed with the future in mind. One of the major benefits of the device is that it is essentially a canvas that will give airlines the flexibility to add functionality as times change.

Source: Flight Daily News