INTERSTATE Electronics and Airport Systems International have combined to develop ground-based landing systems based on global-positioning-system (GPS) technology. Interstate will supply the differential-GPS (DGPS) system while Airport Systems will provide the datalink radio, installation hardware and services.

Anaheim, California-based Interstate, which has developed GPS receivers and tracking systems for military markets, will handle marketing of the DGPS landing-system to domestic and international military customers, while Airport Systems, a manufacturer of ground-based radio-navigation aids, will market the systems to civil-aviation authorities.

Interstate has introduced two GPS-based products aimed specifically at the air-transport market. The IEC 9001 GPS navigation and landing system is designed to add GPS capability to aircraft equipped with flight-management systems (FMS), while the IEC 9002 FMS is designed for installation in new aircraft and those not equipped with an FMS.

The IEC 9001 and 9002 are compatible with Special Category I operations, using local-area DGPS landing systems.

Source: Flight International