THE INDUSTRI PESAWAT Terbang Nusantara (IPTN) version of the Airtech CN-235-110, has received its first internationally recognised certification, with the granting of JAR 25 type approval, by the European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA).

JAR 25 certification follows a two-year validation programme, designed to boost the Indonesian CN-235's sales prospects. Export orders have been hampered by the aircraft's lack of approval by either the JAA or the US Federal Aviation Administration.

IPTN has been assisted by former development partner CASA, which has already received FAA FAR Part 25 type approval, for its version of the CN-235. British Aerospace has also assisted the Indonesian Company with JAA certification procedures

Small changes were made to the aircraft's design, mainly to comply with JAA electrical-load-shedding requirements. IPTN is now considering applying for either JAA or FAA certification of the improved CN-235 Series 200.

The CN-235 programme forms part of larger effort to bring Indonesia's certification procedures in line with JAA and FAA standards.

IPTN hopes that this will lead to simultaneous FAA and Indonesian type approval of its new N-250 in 1997.

Source: Flight International